Please tell me what he means when he does this!

What exactly does it mean when a guy and girl gaze in each other’s eyes for several seconds?

It happened to me with a good guy friend of mine. We’ve known each other for about five years, but lately he’s been flirting with me a lot. I really like him, but I’m thinking after what happened he likes me, too, but I just want to make sure.

He stopped talking, was leaning forward on the table, and just gazed into my eyes for several seconds. He finally broke it, looked down and had an embarrassed-looking smile on his face.

Please tell me what he’s trying to say. He’s very shy so is that his way of telling me he wants to move forward into a relationship?


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  • "is that his way of telling..."

    lol... you guys just had that moment and he should have said something or done something but obviouslly, his shyness got the best of him as it does to the best of us. He definitely likes you, maybe you should invite him to go to a place to eat or something and on the way there, slip your hand into his and just hold hands... that's just one idea, you know. maybe if he can't use his words, maybe you could use your gestures and maybe guide him a little.

    with shy guys, it sucks for them, that's why if ur the girl you should maybe try doing the first move, or give some REAL UNmixed signals that says you like him. He'll get the message


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  • He is telling you that he is interested! You should probably make the first move because he is too shy to do it though. Or drop some signals that you like him that way he will feel more comfortable about telling you that he likes you.

  • he wants you to make the first move since he's shy and afraid of rejection.flirt with him a bit give him the idea and move forward into a relationship. yay for you :)