My boyfriend wants a new hairstyle for himself. Any suggestions?

My boyfriend wants a new hairstyle. We can't really think of anything though :P he has black hair (he usually keeps it on the short side and comes it over) and when it gets a little lengthy it curls (which looks AMAZING). He has tried the buzz cut, shaving it off, and keeping it short enough to comb over. He doesn't want it long or anything tho. So any suggestions?


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  • Dye it. Or do something crazy like a mohawk. :P

    • I am trying to talk him into getting one, actually! :D

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    • I will :) He told me if he got a mohawk, than he wants it different a layered mohawk. I guess? lol

    • lol whatever he wants...

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  • Some guys can pull off dreads. Try that!


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  • Tell him to look at celebrities or at the hairstyles of actors in television shows he likes. My friend loves the show Supernatural and when he was in a fix for a new hairstyle he grabbed Dean's hairstyle.

    Look also at the shape of his face and google hairstyles that would look better with whichever shape his face ends up being.


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