Can you replace make-up sponges with regular ones?

Would it be fine to replace a make up sponge when applying a foundation with a regular sponge? And is it true that wetting the sponge before applying foundation gives it a dewy look?


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  • Depends on the sponge, but usually yes. However, I've found applying foundation by using my fingers gives me the best results and saves me some foundation since the sponge tends to soak up a lot of it. But no don't wet it. That will just because it to smear. To get a dewy look you should use highlighters (cream ones are best, but powder works well too). MAC has the best line of highlighters that I've seen so far.

    • okay, and is it normal for the foundation to give a whitish look? like a powdery look.. and is it normal for foundation's to look ghostly under camera flashes?

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    • the lady in the store said that was my color.. and I don't think there are chances for me to be too pale as I'm indian.. hehe! but I don't really like it that the foundation looks ghostly white in pictures.. is that normal?

    • Lol don't go by what she says completely. Does the foundation match your skin tone?

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  • yes,you can,and I'm not sure about the wetting thing,it usually just leaves chalk-like markings when it dries

  • yes that's fine.


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