I have a rectangular body shape am I undesired?

I have 34D boobs, according to others a pretty face and a butt not huge but not small for a white girl. Only problem is I have a rectangular body shape. I hate it. All I see in the meida is curves and it makes me so self concious do guys mind a rectangular body or is it really not a big deal?

If you don't know what a rectangular body looks like look it up on google since I can't add links.
Im 5'5 and 120 pounds


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  • You might be stuck with it for the most part. You're certainly at the correct weight.


    • Is it undesirable to men then?

    • Not in the slightest. Cameron Diaz has a square shape and she looks amazing.

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  • Honestly to me you sound pretty good, It would be better if you could give me your weight & height. But the best would be a picture for me to give an honest opinion.

  • You sound good I don't think there is anything to worry about.

  • if you could somehow get a little bit of curves youd be so sexy by the sounds of it

    • I feel like if I toned my ass more and thinned out my waist I would be good. Yet I don't know how to thin my waist. Like what workouts?

    • Try an eliptical machine(Steps/staircases) they help with your stepping, glutes(ass), and thighs. It burns just as much if not more then cardio on a treadmill.

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