What is wrong with him?!?!

Several months ago I was dating this really nice guy. My parents are pretty strict about dating especially since I didn't really know him or his family that well. So after a few weeks he dumped me because I couldn't go to one of his soccer games. I had heard that he had been asking other people out after we had broke up but no one would go out with him. I still kinda liked him so we started talking again and eventually started to date again. We went on a few dates and I met his parents and they were really nice. They all seemed to like me a lot; he even told me he loved me. But then things started to get weird shortly after and he dumped me again. It was right before Christmas! Two days before that he said that he loved me and we were planning to go to the movies. Then he just said that he didn't like me the way he did before. Now lately he has been looking at me and smiling every time he sees me. What is wrong with him, I mean he should know that I would never go back out with him now?!?!


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  • sometimes people want a chase and when he can't have you you are his chase, and it seems

    like you have already went for the bait.

    I would spend more time with friends and try and forget him, there

    are way to many cute boys out there to be worring about someone who has multiple personalities

    and plus, why would you choose to put yourself in that situation again?

  • He sounds too wishy washy for me and seems moody. I don't think he knows what he wants.

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