Just got my belly button pierced?

I just got my belly button pierced. (on impulse) but now I'm thinking about taking it out. Does anyone know the consequences of removing it after one day? I'm not sure I want it anymore.


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  • Even if you take it out it will still leave a scar. I've seen some healed piercings look like freckles from a distance on on closer inspection you can see a small dip where the skin is not even. It will eventually heal if you remove the piercing but if you remove it do not put it back in unless you are ready for a world of hurt.

    Personally, I would leave it in and let it fully heal. That way later down the road you can choose to wear the piercing or not. If I was going to have the scar there anyways I would prefer the option. If you choose to remove it you have a higher chance of it getting infected.

    If this is something you considered for a while and now you are not sure about it anymore then that is normal and something I even experienced myself. I think it is just a matter of getting used to a permanent change. I experienced it again with my tattoo.

    If this was the result of a spontaneous decision then consider your option for several days. For your own benefit please do not be spontaneous again about a permanent physical change by randomly deciding again.


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  • Just keep the area clean and you should be fine I would think.. It should heal back.


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  • I wouldn't remove it personally even if I hated it. You have it and went through all of that just to take it out after a day? Give it some time and see if it grows on you. I'd wait at least a week before taking it out. Its way too new and sore to take it out now. If you do, make sure you keep the area clean, you may want to bandage it up when going out. But other than that, make sure it gets air when you don't need to cover it up.

  • Not to state the obvious but if it wasn't really something you wanted you shouldn't have gotten it in the first place. I'd just remove it and be careful. keep the area clean, free of any debris/dirt and it should be fine - I'd watch it though over next couple of weeks you don't want it to get infected.

    I still love mine, but what's making you change your mind now ?

  • If you look at the long term consequences of leaving it in, you get a scar there after your piercing have fully healed (took me two years). I was lucky and only have a little whole where the piercing is, but if you have some stretch marks, the scar could come out ugly if you ever get pregnant. But I think that the chances of that happening is around 50/50. I don't think it will happen anything if you remove it now, there will be a crust there, but don't think you will get a scar if you take care of it properly. :)


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