Does any other girl notice how guys will easily come near you/approach you when looking your worst?

I have noticed a pattern, it may not be a revelation, but guys tend to approach me more (as in asking for questions in class, or whatever) when I look my worst, and believe me I'm not exaggerating (not imagining things, either).

After gaining 15 lbs and going through a period of depression (which probably does affect your appearance), and not dressing up myself at all, it seems like people find me more approachable in classes.

Another thing I've noticed is that attractive girls tend to have more girl friends than friends of the opposite gender...

Am I right? Anybody else care to agree, or disagree?


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  • Curves are hawt. Your idea of looking your best could very well be twig skinny with a snobbish look on your face. The weight and depression may have humbled you, making you seem more down to Earth.

  • Why do vultures go for dead/injured animals? easy pickings my friend.


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