Is it possible for hair to grow faster in places?

The top of my head is bumpy because of my hair, I haven't had it cut in a while. I mean the top of my head here, and no where else: The back of it is longer then anywhere else, the middle is the shortest, and the front is quite long. If I went to a hairdressers would they even it all out? it's medium length-short, and I'm a guy.


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  • Yes, that's why your hair usually looks odd when it grows long without any styling. Hair grows more quickly in some places, so everything is uneven. Such a pain, right? Some guys just keep it short to avoid this problem. Otherwise, you need a skilled person to keep you looking en good when your hair is very long, just as women generally do. That's why they're willing to spend a lot of money for a good stylist.

    Hey, if this weren't the case, we could mostly cut our hair ourselves!


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