Stretch marks? What would you think of this?

I'm 18 and I have white stretch marks on my arms, all over my boobs, lower back, hips, outer and inner thighs. I wouldn't be so worried about them if they weren't EVERYWHERE. All of my friends have flawless skin all over, and I'm too insecure to wear anything besides long sleeves and jeans. Maybe guys don't care about stretch marks on your butt, but when they're everywhere it's kind of hard to miss.


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  • coco butter works well to get rid of them hun. :) I had them on my breasts its like they went from a B cup to DD over night lol so I used coco butter & there's a lot of creams that will help get rid of them if they make you feel insecure. or you could just embrace your body & feel beautiful the way you are. :D

    • I'll try the coco butter :) do you know how much it helps or how long it takes?

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    • You have no idea how excited I am! I'm definitely trying that. Is there a certain type you'd recommend?

    • i used the one from dollar tree lol

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  • its fine, the worst thing, I think, about a woman is when she in insecure or won`t even go swimming. DON`T WORRY! how`d you get so many strech marks anyways?

    • When I was 10 I had a neurological disorder and all of the medications made my hormones go crazy.. so between growing way too quickly, the hormones, and gaining some weight from being wheel chair bound for over a year and losing the weight really fast.. wa la lol. and thank you :) I'll try not to..

    • I`m so sorry. there's nonthing you can do about that though. like I said though, its fine. nonthing to worry about, just don`t let something like that hold you back, and to completly answer your question, no I wouldn`t care. almost all men I know wouldn`t care. :)

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  • i feel the same ways sometime because I had a baby so I gottem on my side an stomac but you should worry what other people think god gave you that body to show off an be yourself so that's what you need to do F*** what people think an say.

  • i have the same problem :( theyre on my hips the worst though.

    i don't think there's any way of gettting rid of them =/


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