Why would she be with a guy way less attractive then her?

My friend is a model and she's gorgeous, but she's with this unnattractive guy ... and I'm just curious why would she be with him? he's not really attractive...

Everyone there are several things I'd like to clarify: 1.He is unnatractive physically, and when I say that, I don't meant to say that looks are everything or that he's not a great guy. And I'm not shallow by the way. 2.I wanted to ask this question because I was curious as to everyones ideas as to what could be so special about him... is he super funny? a talented musician? super smart? I wanted everyones thoughts on this3. I'm asking an honest question here, so if your just going to give me attitude GTFO


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  • I've often wondered the same thing.

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    • Sometimes girls are so pretty that guys think that the girl is out of their league & she's not getting asked out. So maybe she goes with the dorky looking guy that is smart/dumb enough to ask.

    • huh hadn't thought of that

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  • Cauz she likes him.

    I didn't mean that I'm a smart-ass way at all.

    She's obviously with him...so therefore there's something about him that she likes.

    Or it could be the fact that he is more her "type" than your "type".

    I see you're under 18, so there may be some immaturity going on here, which may be your source of shallowness.

    Is he a good boyfriend to her? Cauz frankly THAT matters a lot more than looks.

    • wow... calling me immature? I was just asking this because I was curious as to why?

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    • I truly didn't mean disrespect, QA.

      I just have a huge pet peeve against "shallow" behavior.

    • ok ... its alright. I can see how it would sound shallow, but I didn't mean it to be

  • girls complain when all guys do is look at their bodies, yet... that's what you're doing now. anyway, likely its because he's one of the few guys that doesn't treat her as a piece of meat. well. maybe that was a bit exaggerated, but hey.

    • hey I was just curious don't gimme that attitude

    • haha. sorry. I mightve come down a bit to hard there, but I said the truth lol.

  • Maybe he has game. ..Or maybe she doesn't, and has to settle. Plenty of potentially attractive men will settle for any woman or even no woman just because he isn't comfortable with the effort needed to go out and get all that he can. ..In fact- EVERY man settles: because realistically, any decent can could be getting much more from women than he already is. He doesn't because he's lazy, is conditioned not to, is unaware how, etc.. .


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  • maybe he's attractive to her. or he's really nice which makes him seem more attractive to her. don't forget she's your friend so you're also kinda biased...maybe she's not as pretty as you think she is. not being rude or anything, but aren't we all a little biased when it comes to our friends and what we think they deserve?

    • oh she's pretty. trust me. :) but I just update the question hope it clarifies what I'm asking here

  • It doesn't matter how beautiful she is, she wants to date someone who is less attractive then her because maybe he is funny and geeky just like she likes them to be. Models are normal people like you and me. Looks aren't everything darling, remember that.

    She probably likes his personality and how he treats her.

    • I never said looks were everything

  • Gee, I'd venture to say that perhaps he has an awesome personality. It's important to be with someone you're compatible with, someone who makes you happy. Good looks are useless if you don't even like the person.

    • Just ask her what she likes about him. How are we supposed to know?

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    • I dunno, I personally like intelligence, maturity, a gentle nonaggressive nature, independent thinking, lots of things in common, similar values.

    • ok

  • She's not a superficial woman. He makes her happy and she sees something in him that you or any other person don't.. Get over it.

    • wow ... attitude I was just curious

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    • Rofl.. Relax man.

      That's just how I talk.. Well, I hope you find your answer. Lol

    • kk dude alright

  • its not all about looks!

    what about a persons personality huh?

    personally I don't think looks are the only thing that matter!

    • grrr... I know they aren't I was just curious as to why...

    • because she likes his personality

      because she likes the way he make her feel

      bcause she is happy with him

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