Will he like me once he meets me?

About a week ago I met a guy in a chat room. We then started txting on kik. We text everyday and sometimes all night. We have both exchanged pics of each other. I am a little chunky and insecure about my weight. My pics were just face photos. We are supposed to meet in person next week. I'm worried when he meets me he won't approve of my looks. He seems very sweet and has a good sense of humor but does make crude humor alot. We have great conversations. He seems very outspoken and I'm shy and clam up when in person. And I've told him this. He says he really likes me. So I'm just worried he may not like thick girls.He has seen my pic and said I'm very pretty. You should be able to tell I'm not thin right? Or my worry he is just interested in something else


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  • I had the same insecurities about meeting the guy I was dating (met online) for the first time. Eventually I just gave up the insecurities and only cared about getting to see him. Try to relax and just go for it. If he says you're pretty and wants to meet you that's a good sign :)


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