My Jean Size Has Gone Down A Lot! And I don't know how, help?


So since I went through puberty and started developing, I kinda gained weight and was a little on the fuller side. I never really liked it but even though I am really active (build muscles everyday, jog/run for 15 minutes everyday. I take Krav Lechima, and pre-military classes. Also I have a dog, so gotta take her out.) And I eat pretty healthy and drink a lot of water ...Could probably have less carbs, but that's another story...

Anyways, for the last 2 and a half years I've been size 7/8 in jeans, and yesterday I tried on my sisters jeans and it fit perfectly! And she is a size 4/5.

So is this good or bad? Because I've been working out for years and my goal was never to get a smaller jean size. So how did it happen?

Thanks everyone!


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  • People lose the baby fat as they get older. A lot of heavy kids end up looking fit by the time they reach 18.


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  • Based on your're probably shedding your baby fat.

    W. all that activity, that natural process is accelerated.


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  • Obviously its good since you're losing weight, unless you don't want to lose weight and a smaller jean size. You can't do all of those workouts and expect your body to not burn fat.


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