Is it bad to not feel pretty?

Is it bad that I don't feel pretty at all? I mean at school I constantly have people saying how attractive my sister is. So that ads a factor. I'm also very short and pretty thin but all the attention I get from guys is when they ask for my sisters number. I'm not sure what to do..


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  • Are you outgoing? If you believe you aren't very good looking, you can be sending that message to guys without even trying. The first thing you need to do is not try to make this a race with your sister. Rather, focus on yourself and doing the things that make you happier and more secure. The confidence you need will come only once you stop the comparison games and be able to smile in your own body. Girls that are smiling and laughing have no shortage of guy attention, even if they aren't stunning.

    • Yes, I am very outgoing and I'm always laughing and smiling by the way your answer really helps!

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    • will do! :)

    • Report back here when your mission is complete. :)

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  • Yeah I know how you feel haha. Does your sister maybe have like a more 'developed' body than you?

    • no not really.

    • Hmm, well I would consider the fact, that it might not have anything to do with looks either. But yeah, don't focus too much on it. I'm sure you have a lot of pluses, that your sister doesn't have

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