When someones eyes twinkle

does it mean what I think it means? I was talking with someone and I swear I could see his eyes twinkling while talking with me. but could it have been possible because he was looking at me and smiling that is just how I felt?And if that is possible is that something anyone can see or do you really have to be attuned to that person? Or maybe his eyes were just lit up but isn't that the same as twinkling?


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  • Some people have bright eyes. I wouldn't read too much into his eyes. They are just eyes after all. In my opinion twinkling eyes is just a saying for "they like what they are looking at".

    • Well he was looking at me so......

    • Good gravy. He's just looking at you. No offence I just never understood those "If he stares at me does it mean he likes me" questions. Don't read so much into it. If you really want to know if he is interested suggest doing something sometime.

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