Which of these jeans do you prefer?

They are all nice. I usually don't buy more than one diesel jean a year simply because they are expensive but the sales are on now. Which do you like the most ;)


Also I have big legs. So don't know if skinny jeans would suit me.


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  • THAVAR, LARKEE and LARKEE-T - those are my favorite, all of those pants are really nice to be honest but I like a darker wash on a guy.

  • Hmm, well usually I wouldn't pick this out, but going by your skin tone and looks in general, my favorite is this one actually: link

    I think that'd look really good on you :)

    And if you can find a pair that's just a basic dark denim or black, that has no fading or fading patterns and any of that on them, then I think those would be a pretty good match for you as well.

  • THAVAR 0886B is sexy .NARROT 8880M and SAFADO 0074Z are pretty good examples of being to tight and being too low on the crotch. I hate the "gangster" lows and I definitely feel awkward when you can see the outline of their buldge! Most of them are pretty nice. I think having big legs is a good thing! The stick-legged guys kind of scare me to tell the truth. THAVAR 8880M could look very attractive with a white t-shirt. THANAZ 0887K with dark clothes.

    Damn, those are some pretty sexy jeans. I never knew they existed- my dad has started buying all my clothes and the only things I pick out myself are dresses ^U^

    Just make sure to buy the jean colored/grey ones. Not the beige ones that don't even look like they're made of jean material!

  • 2 & 4

  • dark or grey, not white or chinos


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