What do you think is an inviting style on women without appearing trashy or whorish?

Guys (girls too :) ), what about a girl's style is inviting, engaging, and intriguing without her showing a bunch of skin and look a bit like she just got off work on the street corner? :P


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  • A girl with style is excited (with talking) and girlish for me .

    She has self value, and is not sluttish, she has brains.

    There is no defining those terms, it is there or it is not there.

    If it is not there, I am not interested in her, not in love, not as in becoming my friend, because she does not match me.

    Same counts for guys, guys gotta match me too, and some do and some do, in any case you gotta talk or you're going to be seen as the slow person that doesn't want anything.

    And there's always matches, so speak out on what you want so you're not stuck with the wrong persons.

    If they're not in the group you're currently in you'll find them in another group for sure, you gotta be yourself to be able to excel, but it can just be hard finding your matching type with friends as with love but once you ahve that group it sure is worth it, and it is in my opinion much better than having fake freinds because you just adfapt to ways you don't want to actually.


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  • Tight clothes, but cover up. For me trashy generally has to do with how much skin you show, though super tight leggings and whatnot can qualify. I like anything that shows off your body without showing your body.


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  • something that shows her shape and looks feminine without showing too much skin (bare leg, cleavage, back)


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