How can I get Dark Auburn hair?

I was told that I'd have to bleach my hair in order to get this hair color, but I don't want my hair to turn orange.

I WOULD try to go to a salon for professional hair coloring but the thing is, I'm African American, and I don't know of any nice high quality downtown NYC salons that know how to properly deal with African American hair. (If any of you know a place, that would be nice to know too.)

For those who know what the Number 2 hair color is, that is my natural hair color. It's the darkest brown from black. If you don't know, then, just look up a hair color chart and look for the number 2 color...1 being black...1B being off black...2 darkest brown (my color)

This is the look I'm going for:




I found out the proper names of these hair colors were dark/medium auburn. Has anyone successfully gone from my hair color to this color? What are the steps?



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  • I'm sure there is a place, search around more. There's so much in NYC that is hidden. Think of all the celebrities/businesswomen who live there, I'm sure there's African American females who need a decent hair salon. I highly suggest you don't do this yourself. You'll be guaranteed a orange hair color if you do. Get it professionally done. Call up salons near you and ask them if they can help you. Most of the time a decent salon, especially in a big city, has a hair dresser who specializes in a certain hair type for every hair type. So you may not think they do from first glance, but I would bet they do.

    Here's a link for some places I found: link

    But to get a lighter hair color like that you have to use a special bleach for your hair. African American hair is harder to light. Your hair will go through an orange stage but the right hairstylist will know what to do to get it through this, hence why they're professionals and go to school for it lol. Your best option may be to get it frosted instead of bleached or just get a weave since bleach is a pretty risky thing to use.

    • Thank you so much! This is fantastic.

      By the way, your hair color is gorgeous, it's exactly what I'm looking for. Good looking out!

    • Thank you (: and no prob! Good luck!

  • I dyed my hair with a box dye and it worked but I try not to flat iron my hair often


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