How's your facial symmetry?

I find these things interesting: link

This is a test app where you upload a pic, place points and it computes facial symmetry and ratios based on common "beauty" standards. Its kinda finicky, so it helps to try and place the nodes carefully.

How'd do you score? What do you think about the symmetry idea for facial beauty?


I got a 9.08/10...which I kinda kinda odd because I don't get complemented on looks that often. Basically said my face was really symmetric, but my ears and head in general is kinda big...which is true...finding hats is difficult...but I like my slightly bigger than average ears no one ever sees around my hair anyway.
I believe the ratios/etc were stemmed from the averageness principle: link

Its basically where you composite many faces together to create an "average" face, I suspect this one was based primarily on people of Western European decent...sorry folks...
But the horizontal symmetrics shouldn't matter across race as much as the ratios though.


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  • woah this is really interesting!

    well I'm black as well. I get looks and compliments on how pretty I am quite often so I was a bit surprised to get 7.21 but its all good. I don't actually give a sh*t :D

    heres the stats, love. and I blab a lot so... :]

    poor horizontal symmetry. and no one else notices this like ever, my friends think I'm crazy when I mention this, but sometimes when I'm doing my makeup or something I do kind of think "wait...did I apply unevenly or is one eye higher than the other?" lmao. And sometimes I feel like my glasses are just slightly tilted, not completely straight across. sometimes not, but sometimes I do notice that. now I know why, its official. lol

    my nose is too long for my ears, which...i mean I don't know what to say about that really. OK.

    innerocular distance is too big for eyes. I guess that's a fancy way of saying my eyes are too far apart for the size of my eyes O______O hahaha no but seriously. my eyes are beautiful, I love them. :)

    nose is too wide for face. I can see that. I mean I don't necessarily agree but if this is based on a certain ideal, then...however, perhaps its not completely racial. it said too wide for my face, not too wide in general.

    my face is too short or too wide. I can see that as well. a lot of girls know their face shape (oval, heart shaped, square shaped, oblong, etc.) and my face shape is round. my mom desperately wants it to be oval but I keep telling her, no mom... round faces by definition are about equal in length and width, so they are going to look shorter almost always, and wider because of the full cheeks and lack of length to balance that out. I like my face shape though, wouldn't change it because its cute. and apparently round faces are usually much slower to show signs of aging.

    The ONLY ideal I got was my ratio of mouth width to nose width. I guess that's something. lol

    Thanks for this. I'm gonna send it off to my friends so we can all argue about who is prettier and get jealous over our scores :D


    • I got the interocular distance thing too! And I friggin love my eyes. I've drawn my face enough to know my eyes are exactly one eye width apart. Whatever, they're the rest of my head. :P

      Nothing I got was 'ideal' despite the high score...I must've had a lot of "close enough"

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What Guys Said 2

  • I got an 8.51

    Apparently my ears are too long for my nose and my horizontal symettry is only good. Everything else was "nearly ideal"

    Cool find.

  • 6.58, lol.

    My ears are too long for my nose, my nose is too wide for my face width, and my nose is too wide for my mouth.


What Girls Said 7

  • 7.33 outta 10 - that's about right.

    But this is just about facial symmetry - not looks lol

    It said my nose was big my lips were too wide :P

    Damn these African American features :P

  • I'm biracial(Hispanic & African American) and my results were:

    8.26/10, but I accidentally misplaced point #11 so I'm gonna try it again haha. But I think I'm average at best, since I have no features which make me pop really.

  • i can't do it anyway.. they need s pic where I'm not smiling to count..

  • 8.67 (:

  • there's no where to upload the pic.

  • idk ill have to go through the trouble of taking a picture but if I do it ill update this. most of my pics are of me doing things with friends, etc. not just staring in the camera.

    i get complimented on my looks all the time, people tell me I'm pretty, beautiful, etc. but I don't know how symmetrical my features are and if being black is a negative on this test, then I know I wouldn't get a 9/10. I have full lips, a rounded nose, and big eyes. so I don't know but ill update if I do it :)

    • okay I can't set the damn points -.-

  • 7.34/ 10


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