Do women notice brand name underwear like in this picture?

Is it sexy?


Im refering to guys with a nice build and tight jeans. Like him link

Not punks who put their underwear bellow their bum. Also not talking about boxers, I mean tight brief types, with a logo strip on top.
LOL and I thought it was the equivalent of a whale tail on women :P


I guess women definitely are less visual than men.

Last update promise ;)

Anyway posted pic in my profile of the ones I use now.

I was considering ones like these link

I guess from the majority of the response, girls really don't give a sh*t?


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  • Oh god, why is it so hard to pull up your pants?

    Seriously. Every time I see a guy with his pants "hanging low" I feel the urge to pull em down and tell them that, if he did that in prison, he would be someone's b*tch.

    • Edit: I don't care if it's a brand or not, it's not sexy or anything..

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    • LOL OK but that is not what I am talking about. If you actually checked the pic on the profile you would know.

    • I know, I did, that's where my earlier comment was about, that I actually wouldn't notice or something. I just gave the link because I got the feeling some people think I made it up :)

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  • Actually, I do find it pretty hot when you can see the waistband of his undies (...but no more than that :P). Like, when a guy reaches for something and his shirt lifts a little and you catch a peek.

    But I don't care about brand names.

    • So you don't think I should get the diesels I posted?

    • They're alright, I just wouldn't notice them more, or think they're sexier or anything than undies that weren't a brand name.

  • Underwear sticking out of pants:

    Do I notice: Yes

    Is it sexy: F***no.

    Brand name underwear:

    Do I notice: No

    Is it sexy: NO It just shows you care too much about stupid things and spend way too much money on underwear.

    • I see. It is a turn off for you for a guy to have brand name vs non brand name?

    • It's a nothing. I mean, I'd probably laugh at him for spending so much on underwear but I really could not care less. If I tried to care less about brand names (underwear or otherwise) on anyone my brain would probably implode.

  • I honestly don't care, it's nice to have a brand on your pants but seriously, who cares?

    Also, I don't really like that, 'I'm so cool because I have my trousers right down past my ass' look.

  • I like it sticking out subtly. not the kind where you can see the band from a mile away, but if you were looking for it, you could find it :P

    And boxers showing is not even half the equivalent of seeing a girls ass in a thong :P

  • to tell the truth when I see a guy showing off his Calvin Kleins... I get distracting thinking about CK models. So if you want the girls attn you probably shouldn't wear that particular brand.

  • i do!

    i hate to see people showing up their underwear so that is one of the first things I notice.

  • When it's sticking out, yes

    • Is it the same thing if it is brand name vs if it is not?

    • One looks nicer than the other, but either way I can't stand when I can see guys underwear when they are not getting dressed or undressed. I think it's gross...

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  • I would rather see a ass crack than underwear or brand name


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