How many tattoos do you have? (...if any)

And if you care to share, what is it / are they and where on your body is it / are they?
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  • I have one on the right side of my pubic bone. It's a black silhouette of a lizard, which looks like it's about to crawl inside know what... lol

    It's rather small, like when I'm wearing a thong, half of the lizard is visible...


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  • I have two...

    this is the first:


    this is the second:


    the second says "A prayer for the wild at heart kept in cages"


  • I have 2, I have an 8th note on my hip because music has been and still is a huge part of my life (performance major, then music management major, now looking to become an entertainment lawyer), and I have one of the symbols of my sorority and the open motto of my sorority going up part of my side (like 3 inches). Next I'm getting the Love sculpture on my ankle (it's in my picture)

  • I want to get one.. but I'm worried about the pain...

    and everyone looks at me like I'm crazy when I say what I want

    • They don't hurt, honestly :)

      What do you want to get? :)

    • They really don't hurt. Unless there's a bone directly underneath the skin.

    • I want to get a hinge on the inside of my elbow

  • 2.

    One on my hip/stomach - a heart with a dagger through it, wrapped in banners that will read "vincit que se vincit" when it's finished.

    One spanning from my spins to my shoulder - a music score with my sisters names and the HC Andersen quote "when words fail music speaks".

    I'll most likely get more.

  • I have a small one on my inner ankle. It's a breast cancer ribbon with a loved one's initials in it. I kiiind of regret it, as awful as that sounds. It was just a really sentimental idea at the same, driven by emotion, and now I realize that it was unnecessary.

  • I have 4.

    i have a swallow on the left hand side of my chest,

    The word hope in elvish script on my right wrist, an anchor on my right forearm and Star underneath the anchor.

    Cant wait to get more!

    • like, where on your chest is the swallow? Can it be seen easily?

    • Its on the left hand side, beneath my collar bone :) and Yeahh it can be, depending on what kind of tops I wear :)

  • I have two. "Believe" on my right wrist. It looks similar to this link and "c'est la vie" on my left upper thigh. It is this tattoo link I found the link and gave it to my tattoo artist. He did an amazing job. It looks exactly the same.

  • i have 6 I have a whole aquatic ocean scene on my left side..from hip bone to midrib section. with hammerhead sharks fish coral and such, silhouettes of 6 birds flying on my left ribs right under my boob. diamond on my foot, life is beautiful in italian on my wrist, 3 stars on my ankle signifying orions belt star constellation.

  • I'm planning to get one one my right butt cheek. No kidding! :D

  • Zero :'C maybe a sun around the belly button later on in life.

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