Ladies - How Would You React If Your Date Requested What He Wanted You to Wear?

Something like "Wear a miniskirt and heels".

Turn On or Turn Off?


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  • First date? I'll purposely show up in jeans and a t - shirt.

    Second date? I'll purposely where a nice blouse and pants.

    Third date? I'll wear a cute knee length dress that flatters my chest.

    My boyfriend I've been dating for a while - I'll show up in lingerie lol :P

    Intentions must be established first;

    if he's my SO and we've been together for a while - and he wants me to wear something sexy for him - sh*t no problem.

    If he's a guy I just met telling me to dress like a standard prostitute - I question his class...


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  • TURN OFF. Suggesting a girl to wear something is ONLY OK if the guy is planning a surprise, like "wear something dressy" bec he's has a romantic dinner planned or "wear rubber shoes" bec he's taking her to a theme park.

  • Turn off, it shows that, either you're controlling, trying to tell her you don't like her style, or just trying to silence her opinions and style. You'll get the most solid F*** YOU of your life.

    • Just for a mere suggestion? O_o

    • Sadly.. Yeah, girls tend to read into things. It would be wise for me to stop there before I start offending the female race.

  • turn off I get that a lot and the thing I say to thatperson is I will wear whatever I feel like wearing

  • HUGE TURN OFF thts like just asking them to dress upp like a whore.

  • I can't imagine a woman saying anything but "f*** off" to you if you ask that.


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