Is this a pretty combination?

hazel eyes, auburn hair, and freckles...and if you don't think so then please tell me why or just what your favorite look is :)


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  • it could go either way. I've seen pretty girls with every hair an eye color combo, and I've also seen horrendous looking females with the same features. No pictures, no accurate responses.

    • how do you put a link on here?

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    • @ update you're super cute! the combo looks good and I really love your eye makeup, what did you use?

      also, random but we have the same name lol

    • thank you :) the eyeshadow is loreal metallic duos in electrified its my favorite! :) an then just any white or goldish eyeshadow for highlight nd then black mascara and eyeliner...and foundation or w.e. you use with powder to set it in

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What Guys Said 2

  • Good god yes =]

    My favorite is, uh... Well, really tacky millie girls, ahaha. Dyed black hair, orange fake-tan skin. I also like very pale girls, with freckles =] Freckles drive me nuts.

  • LOVE this combo. I love freckles and red hair.

    • Down vote? F***you.

    • i didn't down vote you :(

What Girls Said 2

  • i'm sure there are pretty people with hazel eyes, brown hair and freckles, as are there hideous people with the same combination.

    • yes, you're attractive. did you honestly need that confirmation?

    • i just wanted to know people's favorites and then someone said that they couldn't say much without a pic and a lot of people don't like freckles so I wanted to know :(

  • Sounds cutee, hazel eyes and auburn hair are amazing :)


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