Straightening gel for short hair?

Hey all. So I have relatively short hair, but it happens to be a bit wavy. Not too much, but just enough so that it bothers me that I can't get the hairstyle I want (out of bed faux hawk) without the tips having a bit of a curve to them. I was wondering if there were any straightening gels out there, that when I put them on to style my hair, would make my hair a bit straighter? I'm a dude, so I have no intentions on straight ironing my hair, especially considering it's not even long enough. and I want to stay away from things like the keratin treatment as much as possible.

Basically, when I do my hair it comes out like this:

and I want it to come out like this:


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What Girls Said 1

  • I actually like the first one better...but yeah there are products and gels that can give you that look (the problem arises when someone uses too much product/gel and then it looks hard/greasy)

    • and those products are?

    • They are everywhere...some good brands that I like are Bed Head, John Frieda, Pantene

What Guys Said 1

  • I used to have short hair exactly like how you describe and I used to spike my hair. The product that I used is this stuff link It is amazingly strong. It is pretty much EXTREMELY strong gel. It feels like you super glued your hair and it will not move at all once you put it in. You have like one minute to get your hair how you like it before its frozen there. And it is tough to remove. You have to spend a few minutes in the shower trying to get it out. highly recommended.


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