Do guys like make up?

so guys I wanna know if you guys like make up on girls or if you don't like any make up on them?


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  • To be honest I don't really notice unless its overdone.


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  • well a lot of FACTORS ARE TO BE CONSIDER HERE .It depends on your TYPE of SKIN TONE, Shape of the EYES,Facial Structure, Oily Skin vs Dry Skin vs Mixed Skin. AGE is another HUGE Factor, Genetics, hereditary characteristics also. so too fully answer your question is to say do most guys prefer make up on girls period no matter what? then I would guess YES , however depending on the girl and her attitude and style of clothes and natural features.

    so YES go for it. just wear natural makeup on a regular basis. If your going on a Job Interview then rule of etiquette is wear natural tones that compliment your skin -NATURALLY - SO AS TO NOT DRAW ATTENTION AWAY FROM THE INTERVIEWER remember no DISTRACTIONS ON A JOB INTERVIEW. meeting a new guy . go for what works best; it depends on the type of girl you are. if your wild - then make up that would show this. if your sexy and sassy , then follow suit. if your Simple and calm and relax then Not Too Flashy or wild colors...o-K !

    hope this helps some.

  • I like make up,but I don't like the person behind the make up


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  • If it's done well, yes.

    If it's overmuch, gross.

    If it's not at all, depends.

    Coming from a guy that's present with me and a girl that likes girls.


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