What style is more attractive?

I was on Facebook, for the first time in months, and I found an old friend. We haven't really kept in touch, but we went to the same school and were good friends for seven years. Puberty hit and she is a lovely young woman, but she seems to...flaunt her assets in some photos more than others. I think she moved to New York. I've stayed in the same state, where unless one is "easy" or trying to rebel, many teenagers are very conservative with their clothing. Is it really more attractive to be shameless or to have some class and professionalism in clothing choices? I'm a high school junior, and I seriously don't understand the regional differences regarding this issue. Please shed some light on this topic!
Personally, both of you guys had great answers. I concur with both of you. I'm glad that not all men are drawn to trashy appearance and can appreciate women who have self-respect. If I could give you both "Best Answer" selections, I would in a heartbeat! Unfortunately, I'm like Solomon and can't bear to give it to one and not the other. Please accept my heartfelt thanks for your quick and honest responses.


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  • When people are young and naive, they tend to think dressing to look hot and get attention is the way to go... And you know what? It works... but not quite the way they may be looking for it to.

    I'm not quite sure if it applies as much for guys, but when a young woman dresses in a way to draw sexual attention to herself, she will always be objectified by guys, whether she's good looking, whether she's average, even not so good looking... Personality usually factors in as well. If a girl acts in a way that suggests that she's "easy," guys feel much more confident that in approaching her, they just might get some action. These girls may be misguided, have had family issues growing up, or are going through a rebellious phase...

    On the other end, a young woman that dresses more conservative and modestly and shows class... she may not get as much attention as the other girl, even if she's gorgeous. But this girl has "something" about her... Guys will more often respect this kind of girl for who she is. She's more mature, in touch with herself and her self-worth, likely respects her parents and comes from a good background... and while she may have a great body, she keeps it covered and to herself until the right guy comes along. Suddenly, guys that have a thing for her want to be the "right guy," and put in the effort to get to know her. But more often then not, these girls will intimidate the guys that like them and they won't get attention as often, because after all, she's more... special. She has it all figured out.

    It's a different kind of attention the guys will give tho... It's not purely sexual, in fact it isn't all that sexual at all. It's deeper, and more about wanting to spend time with the girl, get to know her, be her best friend... And he just wants her to feel the same, but it's scary to try and take those steps... Because what if he's rejected?

    The first girl: guys don't care about being rejected, hence the more attention they will likely give her, because there was nothing there in the first place. She's just another hot girl that they want to have sex with, not actually build something genuine with... There's no risk, because there's no real hurt involved...

    The classy girl will much more often then not, attract the RIGHT attention, when a guy has prepared and built himself up enough to try... and it can take a long time! But it's genuine... How a woman carries and presents herself is so important, and it all stems from their home life and where they're at in their overall personal maturity and self-worth...

    Hope this all made sense. :)


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  • In my opinion, girls who dress kinda trashy tries to get attention and they will, but for me it is just a glance and nothing else. But, classy and well dressed girls will get my attention and it is not in a bad way.

  • How hard did puberty hit? LOL! We talking DD boobs here or something? And is she showing skin or just tight clothes?

    I'd say there are 2 things to consider: how attractive the girl is (irrespective of style) and how attractive her style is.

  • Give me a little class any day of the week. Girls that are showing all their assets on Facebook are attention whores who are trying to get guys off, plus trying to show up their female friends. It doesn't mean you have to cover yourself in a blanket, but if all you post are clubbing shots with your tittles hanging out like they are resting on a shelf, forget about it. Show a little respect and you'll get some back.

    • You are welcome. Just remember that there's nothing wrong with leaving a little bit up to the imagination. We'll fill in the rest. :)

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