If I asked you to would you?

If I asked you to assist me in cross dressing and give me a full make over would you? If so what would you do how would I look?


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  • yeah,i would. I think johnny boy is the prettiest tranny I've ever seen https://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=pehuGVkNihI but it really depends on what you look like right now,it's easier for more feminine guys.

    • How would you dress me?

    • i think 40's style dresses would be best,cause they have wide shoulders,small waists and even tho they accentuate curves,they would also suit wide shoulders,that most men have. high heels are a must,cause they change the way you walk and your legs would look longer,leaner,more feminine. lot's of classic coats too,they also do the same thing as 40's dresses,think burberry coats,they're really lovely.

    • Sounds hot id go for it pantyhose wound be nice to.

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