How much do highlights cost?

I have shoulder length, dark brown hair and I would like to get a couple of light brown streaks towards the front (like a caramel or amber color). if it helps my stylist normally charges $25 to wash, cut, thin out, blowdry, and straighten if that gives you an idea of her prices? how much do you think highlights would be?


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  • I think it depends on the stylist. For example, I live in a small town and am a regular customer with my stylist, so she offers me deals. I pay only $40 for a cut, multiple colors, and to have it styled. But on the other hand, I know women who will pay up to $90 to have their hair colored. I would call a few places near where you live and ask. I'm sure they won't mind. Just say "I'm considering getting ____, ____, and ____ done to my hair. How much would this cost at your salon?" Also ask if they have specials or deals. For example, they might have cheeper prices on a certain day. Good luck!

    • ya I've been going to the same woman my entire life so maybe she will give me a good deal!

  • A lot depends on who you go to. If you go to a chain store like Supercuts, it may cost anywhere from $100 - $150 depending on your location. I used to go to a stylist who worked out of her home. She had been in business for 30 years. She only charged me $60 and did a great job. I don't color my hair anymore. It's over processed from one year of coloring on/off and breaks every so often in the shower and when I brush it. I think the trend is to color your hair with either highlights or lowlights and or do a full color. Since everyone is doing it, I'm trying to do the opposite and go natural. I'm sure in 3-4 years or so, the trend will be to have a more natural look than colors that pop in your hair.

    • ya I wouldn't think like 2 or 3 strips would be 150 bucks lol

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