Is being average looking okay for a beautiful girl?

Already 2 girls in my last question are self aware that they are average, why do you think that is? ladies, why can't you accept that you are beautiful


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  • You want to know the real reason why? Because they aren't attractive enough to get their dream guy. As long as they can't get their dream guy, they are hideous. Nobody else matters. Nothing else matters. If you tell a girl she's beautiful and she takes it lightely, SHES NOT TRYING TO IMPRESS YOUR ASS. She wants confirmation from guys she will actually screw with passion.

    Not all girls are like this. I felt the need to add that last part so I can avoid at least 2 or 3 downvotes.

    • I think there might be some truth to what you posted, even if it was on the crude side. Women want to be thought of as beautiful by the man they desire most, not just in general. This is not all women, or even a majority but there are some girls that watch so many Disney flicks as a kid, that I can't help but think some think this way.

    • Yeah, it's the Romeo + Juliet complex where everyone between them is merely a stepping stone.

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  • What is wrong with being average? Life is still good, still breathing..

    • i don't see anything that makes you look average

    • Take my word on this. I am.. You need to accept other peoples' viewpoint.

  • I don't understand your question at all. But dude, I AM average. It's not a bad thing - there are way way way more important things in life. Plus beauty is subjective, etc. etc. Most girls ARE average, anyway. Hence why it's called "average".

  • Why do you make it seem as if being average is such a bad thing? It really isn't. I like being average. It's better than being ugly but obviously doesn't have the perks of being 'beautiful.'

    But let's be honest, beautiful>average, beautiful>ugly, average>ugly.

    No, not all girls are beautiful and to say so is delusional and bullsh*t. If that was the case questions about appearance wouldn't be asked. If all girls were beautiful girls wouldn't come on here begging for beauty advice. And if all people were attractive guys on here wouldn't bitch about how girls want a tall, attractive guy who is emotionally stable.

    • it's not true, they are beautiful.

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    • no it doesn't. you don't see my point here. these are girls who are actually beautiful thinking they're average.

    • You clearly don't see my point either.

      Being beautiful doesn't guarantee confidence. Quit being a retard and get that through your head.

      Also, what's beautiful to you isn't beautiful to everyone else.

  • I think it's because we've been conditioned from a young age to compare ourselves to others, and everyone wants to believe that they're beautiful. My problem is that when I look in the mirror I always wonder if my face is actually just a figment of my what if I'm just seeing what I want to see and not what's really there. And it's that insecurity that tears my confidence apart and uses it as confetti to have a party and dance all over my self-esteem.

  • We strive to be better and look better, sometimes we don't believe we're beautiful and at times we do

    • but these girls think they're average all the time, explain that

    • I can't, because evey girl is different

  • it not like they want to think like that but it's just that there are so many girls in this world who suddenly turned beautiful in the 21th century and everyone is competition for the cute guys who are very rare in this time!

    I have to say, I have a nice face, I have been told a lot so I will take it as, but I have a overweight problem of like 10kg. it's not really like I am really fat or something but I also have times when I think I am just average when I see a girl with a nice face and a great body.

    Also if everyone suddely thinks they are beautiful wouldn't it be bad for the average looking guys because even tho they or not ugly, they are suddenly not good enough any more.

  • the thing is.. I think I'm pretty.. but if I say it lots.. I'm gonna come across as full of myself.. which I'm not.. there are prettier and not as pretty.. we live in a world of diversity and everyone has their own likes and dislikes when it comes to taste in peeps.. it's all about how you carry yourself and how you talk to people that makes you really shine.. anyway ya.. a cocky or overconfident brat is not the way to go so I try to not get full of myself but that doesn't mean I don't like compliments.. I'm human haha... so ya.

  • I think I'm pretty. But I need to lose weight. Mosy guys seem to want the whole package.

    • if you're pretty that's good enough.

    • How?

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  • Keep in mind that "beautiful" girls have flaws too, they're not perfect no matter how much their make up, push up bras, and skimpy clothes make it seem so

  • There are no less than three girls here on GAG that I've talked with that believe they are only "average" looking, when I honestly think they are stunning. No amount of convincing has changed their minds. I've come to the conclusion that some girls really believe that they aren't beautiful, not matter what.

    • what trigger them to think they're not beautiful, do you know?

    • Two have smaller breasts a and b cups. Somehow that disqualifies them from being beautiful? What a shame! All three of them found fault with their lips, eyes or other facial features. Two out of the three didn't like their legs. These are all girls I'd totally approach in real life and find very attractive. They aren't models, but certainly above average in the looks department. They are all sure that they can't cut it above "average".

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