What color would you suggest to wear for a stage performance?

My daughter will be singing in her high school auditorium(so it's a dark room and the stage is lit up) in the talent show and I'm gonna help her shop for dresses to wear this weekend. I kind of have an idea of what I think will work best and be appropriate but I'd like opinions. I want us to be on the same page while we're shopping instead of us disagreeing about what's going to work the best for her.

so what color/type dress etc. would you suggest she wear?

thanks to everyone for your comments. we went to the mall over the weekend and found this dress link

it's actually a more vivid coral than in the photo so it's vibrant enough but also looks good on her pale skin tone. Thanks for your help and suggestions!


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  • what song is she singing? yes it is relevant. but know that the light the dress the fatter you will look on stage (bad personal experiences.) oh and as I'm waiting to hear what the song is just a make up tip (you need darker lipstick and eyeliner an mascara and blush because the lights make your face look like a big white blob well unless your african American and in that case I have no idea YouTube it)

    • lighter*

    • Wild horses by natasha beddingfield

    • i think something navy blue/dark purple would look good and something flowy and lose. wouldn't go longer than knee length as it would be too formal. p.s. love the song :)

      maybe something like this except different color


      just an idea :)

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  • Red


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  • I think colors that grab attention are emerald, coral, or aquamarine. It depends on hair color and skin color though. Pick a vibrant color that compliments her looks. As for style, something cute and not too formal. She could wear it with tights and knee high boots. I know that look is popular right now. Tell her good luck! :)

  • Dark colors attract the attention of the audience. Such as blues, purple, and reds


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