Am I too tall for him?

So I just met this guy today and we've been talking for a while meeting in person was a little awkward but it wasn't to bad anyways he texted me afterward and the first thing he said was that he didn't realize how tall I was (even though I did tell him) then as soon as I responded he stopped testing me, does he not like me now? I'm 5'9 by the way and he's 6'
I just want on to fb right and after he told me he was single the whole time his status says single to in a relationship but it doesn't say who with after I posted my status about going out with a bunch of my guy friends hahah I get it he was just being a player, oh welll his loss :)


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  • The tallest girl I ever dated was a volleyball player at 6'2". I am 6'1". I didn't mind her wearing heels even! She scared a lot of guys and girls alike, but was actually a really shy girl on the inside but had a beautiful smile.


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  • Not at all too tall. But if he has a problem with it, you need to move on!


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