Isn't true that some women look prettier with glasses. I wonder why? Do you know the reason?

I have seen this about many girls. Their eyes look prettier and hence the face looks better too.


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  • I've noticed those with smaller eyes tend to look great with glasses. As well as those with rounder faces, the glasses help to add some edge to it. I think of Drew Carey (even tho he's not a girl). Fairly small eyes and a round face. He got laser surgery but still wears his glasses because it looks great.

    • Very valid points. Great explanation. And yes now you made me realize... its the smaller eyes that look better. I have also noticed in some cases, people who need glasses don't open their eyes properly. That's why, with the glasses, they look better. But I think its just that the glass does something magical. :)

    • lol "don't open their eyes properly" I guess you mean squinting :)

      And thanks!

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  • i used to wear contact lenses but now wear my glasses and I love them I get loads of compliments

  • For me personally I don't like wearing my glasses because I feel it hides my face, and I look better with out them.


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