First time buying makeup help?

I am thinking of starting to wear makeup, just to make my face a little more... lively? I don't want to wear too much, just enough that it looks nice but still natural. Anyways I've never worn makeup before and was wondering what products I would have to buy? I don't have acne so is foundation necessary? And any other tips I would like such as how to apply, how to remove, etc. Thanks! :)


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  • Foundation is not necessary, if you want to get some you can. I usually just wear mascara. It looks natural and nice, and plays up your eyes.

    I would say some basics to have (and I am speaking from someone who doesn't wear too much, just enough to look nice) are:


    Eyeliner (liquid or pencil, it's up to you)

    An assortment or eye shadow colors for special ocasions. (I got one of these for like 10 bucks on sale. And it has 20 colors).

    A lip stick or lip gloss

    Whatever else you get is up to you. That is really all you need for the absolute basics.

    For the eye shadow, pick one that compliments your eye color. So if you have blue eyes, get brown. If you have green eyes, you can get purple or brown. With brown eyes get blue, and so on. Ask the cosmetician for help if you aren't sure.

    I would also get a primer for your eye makeup, especially if you are going to be out somewhere warm like a club. The primer just makes sure the makeup stays in place and doesn't smudge or crease.


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  • Just use mascara for starters...don't use concealer, bronzer, foundation, blush...the cheek stiff is what guys hate the most...(:

  • If you're tan, you don't need makeup

    If you're not, then pick out your best facial structure (eyes, lips etc..) and accent them. Leave the rest alone.

    • So fair skin girls do ?

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    • I have tan skin, and I use makeup because I have acne marks to cover sometimes, but I agree about the accenting different aspects of the face. I never over do I makeup. I keep everything very natural and do little things to my eyes usually to give them a little extra sparkle.

    • Have you tried OXY? It helps..I just don't think tan girls need makeup

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  • I'd say start out small, and move upward as you get more used to wearing makeup. Start with the eyes and lips. I'll tell you about lips first since they're easier. if you have thinner lips, use a lighter skin toned or peachy colored lipstick and a light gloss. this gives the illusion of plumper lips. If you have thicker lips, go for a darker color. (not like firey red or anything... just like a darker brownish pink or something.) and a matching gloss. The lipstick gives the original color, and it works best if you put it on and then wipe it off. it sort of stains the lips so they keep the color, but they aren't as tacky. then the gloss adds shine.

    for the eyes (my favorite part!)

    you can choose to wear eyeshadow or not, depending on how much you want your eyes to pop. You'll probably use it later on, but to start out, it will depend on how daring you are. For eyeshadow, if you have blue eyes, I'd say go with a blue eyeshadow to bring them out. Apply darker shades to the outside corners of your eyelid, bringing it up to the crease. apply lighter colors on the rest of the lid under the crease, and a super light color (white, light skin color/creme, or blue/whatever color you're using) and sweep it on the outside, just under your brow bone in the little pouf of skin above the crease. For green eyes, follow the same routine with purple. for brown, go with earth tones. Really, you can use browns and tans for any eye color, but those are what makes your eyes pop the most.

    then, eyeliner. You do eyeliner after eyeshadow because otherwise the shadow will cover it up. I always used to do this backwards... lol You can do black or brown or whatever color you want. I have a huge collection of eyeliners. (blue, dark blue, black, brown, copper, gray, gold, and purple). Eyeliner takes practice to not get it on too thick. basically, on the bottom, try to get as thin of a line as possible under the lashes. If you want your eyes to look bigger, apply a white or light colored (I use gold) liner in the waterline. On the top, try to keep it thin and even, because it will show if you don't. you can bring it out on the outside corners, but be careful and make sure both sides are the same.

    Finally, mascara. I use Avon Supershock Max and will never go back. If your eyelashes are short, you can curl them and then apply mascara. You can put on several coats. (I put on like 3 and it works amazingly.)

    Foundation isn't really to cover acne, and I highly recommend getting a low coverage liquid foundation and a powder. You may not use them at first, but they will come to be your good friends :) mix a little foundation and a little lotion on the back of your hand and apply it with a brush (very lightly) you'll find a little goes a long way. it evens out the skin tone and makes your skin look softer, especially if you lightly brush on some powder afterward.

  • Personally, I like to use more of the higher quality cosmetics just because I trust that there are less "skin-aging" ingredients. So what I recommend for new makeup users, if you have to do anything, do it the right way. I'm personally not a huge fan of this product JUST because I hate how it looks on my skin but it's a great starter's kit. Get the Bare Essential Starter's kit. It'll come with all the stuff you need with a reasonable price (face primer, mineral foundation, kabuki brush, blush and bronzer).

    Why do you need primer? Because your skin naturally has a lot of imperfections and to prepare your skin (canvas) you need to smooth it out. And the primer would actually help keep the foundation on your skin longer.

    Why Bare Essentials? Because it's a heck of a lot better than anything from a drug store but cheaper than the luxury brands. And it comes with bronzer. Bronzer is great to help give more 'color' to your face and contour it to make it look like your face has more deminsions. Sometimes I actually would use it to make my nose look more narrow.

    Besides that kit, get a really good eye liner to tight line your eyes so it gives an illusion that you have natural thicker lashes. Get a paint pot (personally, I like laura mercier) to help even the tone on your eyelid. It will also make it POP more. If you want, get a brownish eyeshadow (MATTE!) to darken the end of your eyes to make your eyes look larger. If you have thin or light eyebrows, get a eyebrow pencil to help darken it. Then use the eyeliner to line your eyes (tight lining is very different from this). Then finish the look with curled lashes and apply mascara.

    So bottomline:

    Bare Essential Kit

    Matt Brown Eyeshadow (optional)

    Eyebrow Pencil


    Paint Pot (this could also be used as a eyelid primer)

    Hoped this helped.

  • Depends on what you'd like to start wearing. Some of my favorite products would be

    Marcara: LashBlast by CoverGirl - link

    Personally I would stay away from waterproof mascaras, unless you have a great make-up remover they tend to be impossible to get off your eyelashes.

    Foundation/coverup: With your face having no imperfections I wouldn't go with foundation it'll be to heavy especially if you haven't worn it before, though you can if you'd like. I'd stick to a simple mineral powder foundation for you it's light and gives you great coverage

    Maybelline Mineral Power - link and CoverGirl Clean Pressed Powder - link

    If your not interested in wearing mascara you could also just go with liquid eyeliner on your top lid which always looks great on some girls, emphasizes their eyes without having to wear too much eye make-up link (It takes some time to get use to putting it on though) link

    If your still wanting to wear make-up I'd probably just stick with liquid eye liner and a mineral powder foundation, don't get into the habit of wearing to much make-up, your beautiful. Natural beauty is always best. (:

  • Stay on brands like Covergirl, Revlon, Sephora, M.A.C., Lo'real Paris, and Maybelline, and Neutrogena. Those are all good. Or just search what you're looking for, if you have a fair or dark skin tone and everything. Oh, and foundation is good for making your face have a natural glow, and it also moisturizes. The only thing you probably need a good amount of is eyeliner and mascara, to get a radiant look with your eyes.

  • Foundations isn't for acne, concealer is, foundation is for evening out your skin tone, for example if some parts of your face are redder than others, but if you have an even skin tone you wouldn't need it. Eyeliner and mascara are pretty common for girls to start out with. It depends on your budget which ones you want to buy. A non expensive good brand of eyeliner is annabelle and a more expensive good one is urban decay. As for mascara, I suggest you try out different kinds. I know personally a different mascara works for me than some of my other friends. If you want to go more natural, try buying an eyelash curler. definitely getan eye make up remover. It's really important to remove all your make up from your eyelashes because otherwise they could grow thinner or sometimes some may even fall off.

    As well, make sure you don't sleep with make up I your face (especially foundation) because it could make you break out.

    Hope that helps! :)

  • if I had a picture of you it would help, or if you at least could tell me your hair eye and skin color?


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