Skinny bodies or curved?

So, I'm surrounded by extremely atheletic women everyday and they are flat bodied, I'm not fat or anything, I'm just really curved (I'm not saying that in a 'I'm a xxl but I'm just big boned' kind of way either) and I was wondering if the whole 'Guys don't like extremely skinny girls' thing to be true. So if you saw a curved girl and a skinny girl, which one would you pick?


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  • i like girls who have curve to their bodies. its what separates it apart from guys' bodies IMO. a girl with natural curvy shape to her body can add the muscle tone of an athletic girl and still look like a very feminine woman as a result.


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  • skinny all the way! lol

    Don't know , that's just my preference I guess.

    • Just to be clear about the preference because I'm genuinely curious about what guys prefer as well. You find the woman's *body* on the left more attractive than the woman's *body* on the right? Faces not included in this decision. link

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    • Well you can look through the other photos on the site where they compare skinny to curvy women. Most I see though are women that are so thin they look neither healthy nor like women at all, but then again I'm curvy so I could be biased.

    • 1st photo definitely the curvy women is better , physique wise ,

      on the 2nd and 3rd photos I prefer the skinny women ,

      4th , 5th and 6th photos I prefer the curvy women ,

      7th , 10th photos I prefer the skinny women ,

      8th and 9th I prefer the curvy women.

  • I like skinny girls more than curvy girls just because I'm more skinny than curvy

  • curves for sure.


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