My boyfriend is called ugly a lot. Advice to make him feel better?

My boyfriend is so sweet and I love him a lot! We've been dating for a year and a half (and were friends for longer). He's the sweetest guy ever. He thinks he's ugly and he always asks why some one like me would be with some one like him. It makes me kind of sad. I'll admit he's not the best looking guy ever but he's absolutely perfect. Yes, people have said mean things to him because of it. And they don't believe we're dating sometimes which makes me mad. He's the nicest, most wonderful guy ever and people are mean to him. I don't know what to do. It hurts him that people say things like that and when I try to make him feel better he says I think of him the way I do because I love him. I just need some advice on what to tell him, what to do. If you could help I'd really appreciate it! Thanks!


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  • its something he's gotta learn to cope with. just sounds really needy to me. iam sure if his girlfriend can't give him re assurance its something he has to get over on his own. why would you care what other people think anyway? especially if you have a hottie for girlfriend. o.0

    • Agreed, why not just be happy he has a great girlfriend and forget what other people think?

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  • aww sound like such a sweet and caring id kill for a girl like you..your boyfriend is very lucky..

    to start ugly what do you mean..overwighth..bad teeth..bad hair..theres lots of things to do to change someones appearance..face creams..haircut..teeth whiteners..diffrenr clothes..COLOGNE MAKES A MAN FEEL SEXY...lsoe weighth..EXERCISE/BUILD MUSCLE...if he wear glasses he can rock contactz..

    tell him "wow your so sexy"...flirt a lot with him..make him feel wanted..cook for him..dress up sexy for him..if you guysd are having it more often..kiss him more..

    reply back with HOW is he ugly..i can help more..add me as a friend if you want cus you seem like such a sweet pseron..

  • Tell him what is it exactly that you love about him. Tell him the moment you realized you wanted nothing and no one else, just him, and why it happened. Let him know he is a catch in your eyes and why :)

  • Opposites atrract ALL the time

    Tell him he looks




    ... which is what you love


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  • My BFF's husband cheated on her because he thought he was ugly. And some young little thing told him he was hot.


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