How to wear my boyfriends pinny?

Okay, so I'm going to my boyfriends lacrosse game and he's giving me his pinny. && I have no idea on how to wear it. Like do I wear a tank under it or a cami or do I just wear it like a shirt with just my bra? Do you have any other ideas/tips on how to make a cute outfit with my bf's lax pinny?


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  • well. lax stuff is generally pretty loose- that being said- wear something underneath it- not just your bra, because if its pretty loose, and its a windy day, that may be a bad combo. so yeah. and I'm sure just you wearing your boyfriends jersy will make him happy beyond belief.


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  • wash it

    and then DEFINITELY wear something IN ADDITION to a bra underneath

    I would say tank

    an offsetting color if possible

    or the team's other color


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