What kind of tattoo's do guys find sexy?

I have two tattoos, one on my right wrist its a Chinese Kanji meaning live/alive, its pretty small, and one the back of my neck a small tattoo of my zodiac symbol which is libra. Do you find that sounds sexy or stupid lol, also what do you guys think is sexy for a tattoo, small, big, simple, or just all out biker chick.


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  • well I think it sounds kinda stupid to me. BUT - I don't like stuff like that. You probably would think my tatts are stupid. Normally I wouldn't say anything but since you are obvious wondering since you asked - the whole chinese symbol thing just seems way overdone and unoriginal.. Besides why would you want a chinese symbol anyway - the language doesn't make a whole lot of sense from a linguistics standpoint. And the zodiac symbol goes either way. I mean it seems to be over done and I think that to actually believe that the location of arbitrary constellations in relation to the earths viewing field at the time of your birth (which is actually not even accurate because the constellations shift in the sky constantly) is kinda silly. still if you believe in it, it doesn't both me.

    I really like tatts and some girls that are tatted up are just out right sexy. But most are unappealing to me unfortunately. Get what you want though. that is the best policy.

    • yeah the chinese symbol was kind of a rite of passage ha ha I regret it lol, but I actually believe the whole horoscope thing, not the daily horoscopes, but the whole personality part and compatibility part, from my personal expirences they appear to be almost shot on accurate lol.

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  • Tattoos are never sexy, they just scream 'shallow.' Or 'biker chick.'


  • I can only tell you the kind of tattoos on girls I don't like:

    - chest tattoos

    - tattoos that cover the entire arm, that reptilian look.

  • sexy to me. as long as they have meaning to the person and not a "just because" tat

  • any tattoo on your lower back above your ass is hot.

    That's it .^


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