Should I worry about fashion more?

Let's just say my fashion is basically nonexistent. I grew up just buying the most simple clothes, most of them being loose for comfort. IE, I'm one of those guys that wear slippers to classrooms. I've even appeared quite a few times with just a sweater and pajama pants...hmmm maybe that's also one reason why I fall asleep a lot, lol.

When I look into my closet all the 97% colors that are there are Grey, Black, White, Navy Blue.

For shirts I have like around 90% black and grey shirts.

Should I worry about what I wear more.

I don't know. It's just interesting to see a lot of people being very presentable. I only do it when I have a gig or meeting, etc.


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  • I used to care less about fashion than I do now. When you are dressed well, people treat you better. You also tend to have a better opinion of yourself. Yes, clothes do make the man. I suggest you go into a Nordstrom if you have one near your house. They have the best salesmen around. It is expensive there, but they can get you fitted and at least introduce some good style choices for you. It is amazing what a transformation can make to better clothes. Save the PJ's and slippers for the house, that's what I do. :)


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  • My eyes always fall on the guy that looks somewhat put together or fashionable. If a guy can care enough to add some personal touches to his clothing then I'm willing to walk up and start a conversation with him. It's always good to stand out in a crowd of guys in plain jeans, t shirt, and running shoes. :)


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  • I used to be sort of similar, didn't really care what I wore, bought everything at target. But now I'd say being classy is pretty important to me, it's kind of sad how the standards of guy's clothing has dropped over the years. I also tend to just feel better when I'm dressed up a bit, and people seem to like it more. It's not like I wear a suit everyday, but a common outfit for a regular day would be say a solid color button down, belt and no hole jeans, and some casual dress shoes. I recommend you go to somewhere like nordstrom/macy's if you want to dress up a bit more. My personal favorite store is Express.


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