How to get rid of stretch marks?

I have lots of stretch mark. People say that's because I was fat and got thin. But I wasn't that fat. Even though I am having plenty of stretch mark. It's really depressing for me. I have stretch in my ass, my back, near under arms, my boobs, And on my thigh even. So what to do ? I really want to get rid of them.


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  • Begin by applying witch hazel

    then shop for special creams/lotions to help accelerate the healing.

    Even scar healing lotions may have an effect.

    Next regular trip to the doc might net you a prescription that works faster but with side effects.


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  • believe it or not some stretch marks are sexy so don't worry about it. they will fade as you get older just so you know so in the meantime you just have to accept them.

    • I have had them since I was 14 now I am about to get 18. How long should I wait ? :/

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    • I know you are trying to make me feel better. Yeah lots of people have them but I hate it kinda everywhere..

    • if you have pix of them to show me then I would probably understand what your saying. I'm just going by what I saw b4 I guess.

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  • Tanning helps mine fade. That's all that really works for me though.


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