Is my weight high?

every time this time I am 204 but today I'm 207. Will it go down or is it my new weight?


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  • Depends on how tall you are...If it is still 207 tomorrow then it is possibly your new weight. No 207 is not high.

    • I'm 20 and 5'11

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    • I don't have any real muscles mass so its not that

    • If you truly are worried about it, change your diet and work out. 207 isn't bad but gaining there fast is.

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  • It is normal for your weight to go up and down because of water retention and depending if you weigh your self on a full stomach. Your true weight is in the morning before you eat or drink and after you go to the bathroom. Weigh yourself with just your bra and underwear or underwear on. But it is normal for your weight to flucuate from day to day so don't get discouraged!

    • How much does weight fluctuate? This morning I'm 206.6 and I'm concerned

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  • You're about 30lbs away from being fit. Keep exercising and stop eating crap foods. You never want to gain 3 pounds like that, ever. That number will just keep going up, trust me. Stop the trend right now before it gets out of hand.

    Stretch marks are something you'll be glad you avoided.


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