Anyone know where I can find an etherial/woodland long gown?


I'm having issues finding a prom dress that screams "me" I really like the flowy organic feel of these, but their from a designer charging thousands of dollars! Ridiculous! I don't want to spend more than 250, if I have to...Can anyone help me find something really fairy/woodland nymph and ethereal like these? I need to order one soon so I can try it on etc. etc. Thanks!


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  • Have you tried Radiant Raiment in Solitude? Taarie and Endaarie are incredibly fashionable Altmer, and while a little rude, a trip there is always worth the effort.


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  • I can't open the link you give...can you put another one for me?

    • link or you can type "Abed Mahfouz" into google (he's the designer)

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    • yeah same, I just like the idea of it, it's sort of flowy and mauve-colored, but I can't find anything at all similar ;D

    • Yup, it is very different, you need it to attend one important party, I guess~lol

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