Girls what do you think about stretchmarks?

now I know you are not completly shallow but I'm asking as a little details that are overlooked but some find gross when they see them I'm talkinh about stretchmark(on guys).so these aren't stretchmarks from being overweight but they are from muscle gain.i am asking this because I always grt fifferent answers and I want to see what you think. so here we g .these stretchmarks usually develope in the upper body around the shoulds byceps,triceps andneckish area ,these stretchmarks develop due to muscle growing faster than the skin is able too,becaus of constant stretching they mostl remain red and look like small cuts or scratches(well at least on light skin) at first they are not noticable but with continous stretching thry get bigger and more apear,im a 16 yearold kid that's only worked out for about a year and my arm is covered with them and I feel self conscious about it but proud at the same time,i feel vad because stretchmarks can be looked as a mark of being overweight but I'm proud because I actualy develo muscle a lot quicker and bigger than most other guys,so much that my skin begins to rip/stretch and I see as a sign of aconplishment and persevirence ,but what do you thibk.LEAEE EXCUSE MU BAD SPELLING I'm ON MY PHONE AND THERE IS A LAG BETWEEN PRESSING THE LETTER ON THE SCREEN AND IT APPEARING
  • Eww gross, stretchmarks
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  • Dont care at all
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  • Shows a guys determinatin towards his hobby/sport(weightlifting and/or bodybuilding) and the guy is most likely buff or ripped
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  • Stretch marks are really common, lots of people have them. They're not a big deal. Even people who have never been fat and have never done any weightlifting or bodybuilding can have them---many people get them when they go through puberty because their body grows/changes so quickly.


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  • I don't really care to be honest. It's not a big deal. So don't feel self - conscious about your body. Lost of lads have them and so do girls when we hit puperty and "become a woman" no one is perfect so don't worry about it

  • Tons of people have stretch marks and no body really seems to care...only superficial folks.

  • I didn't even know guys had them except ones that lost a lot of weight but I don't think id care because I have them too eventhough I'm skinny


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