Ideal body hair preferences

This is primarily for heterosexual females, but all others should feel free to weigh in.

What is your preference for body hair maintenance on a male? What should be removed? What should be trimmed?, What should be left as is?


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  • I prefer a slightly less hairy man. For instance, no chest hair, I like their downstairs mix up trimmed and well taken care of, Longer hair on the head is fine as long as it's well maintained. None of that greasy stuff. And five o clock shadow is fine, but not beards. They scratch a lot. XD. Things like legs, and arms are fine.. But BACK HAIR IS A DEFINATE NO NO..

    Most girls while they may be picky, are understanding. As long as you maintain your hygeine and don't look like a polar bear, it should be alright.

    Good Luck!


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  • I personally don't like any hair. But I know that's not very normal for a guy. I think as long as he's trimmed in all areas then that's fine. I would rather his face be smooth then just trimmed, but it depends on the guys. Some guys look better with hair on their face.

  • I don't really like hair on the chest/stomach/back, with the exception of a happy trail.. that's hot. I I'm also not a fan of REALLY long hair or beards. Stubble or moderate length hair is cool with me. As for the pubic hair, trim. Just take care of it and stay clean, honestly. Leave the legs/arms/pits alone... It'd be weird for guys to shave that.

  • Pubic hair should be trimmed. Everything else can be left as is. But it's really up to the guy, since it's his body and hair.


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