If your eyes lock for an instant

is it because he likes you? I looked over at him and he looked at me, ours eyes locked for just a second and than he told me bye as he was going out the door. Could their be another reason beside liking someone that that would happen?

I know that with my girlfriends that has happened between us when we saw or heard something weird or something not right, so I know that can happen with other things.

But I have never had that with a guy and I am not sure the meaning of it.

Well can anyone answer this for me?


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  • Yeah, it possibly means that they could, but look for other signs.

    He might have just been interested in looking at your eyes or he might like you.

    Look at his other body signals, for example: does he lick his lips when you talk? If he does, it means he wants to kiss you, which is a sign that he obviously likes you.

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