I get asked if I'm emo a lot. Is this a turn off?

i get asked if I'm emo at least twice a day from someone new I'd have met. I don't really know why. it may be Because I have natural (extremely) dark brown hair... it's wavy, and really pale skin. almost white. anyways I always keep my make-up natural. as in lip balm, eye-liner, and mascara. and I'm sort of quiet sometimes but I'm really goofy once you get to know me.

no piercings (except ears) and no tattoos...erm, nothing much to say.

oh and I play the electric guitar. anyway does this seem emo to you? and would you find this, whether it does sound emo or not as attractive or just plain?

oh and I guess I wear normal clothes really. casual but I tend to add biker gloves or fishnets, stuff like that :)


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  • you sound like a rocker,it's just that everybody who looks like a rocker these days gets called emo because people aren't smart enough to divide people into more groups than jock-emo-nerd.

    • amen to that! I agree 100% ! I mean I don't mind being called emo but I do love my rock music :) bon jovi is my favorite! I'm a rocker with a strong feminine side :p

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  • Your probably darkening your eyes a little to much, and without knowing that by darkening them you draw attention to them, so try and add a little color, as this could be why the questions, but there's nothing wrong with being emo, x

    • thanks :) I don't mind being called emo though. oh and I swear I don't darken my eyes. some black eyeliner on the waterline (sometimes it barely shows and it never smudges) and when I say a bit of mascara I mean two strokes and I'm done.

    • Sorry for that, I wasn't insinuating that you were, just pointing out a possibility, and with what you have explained, sounds fine and well crafted, maybe your eyes are naturaly dark in color, ie dark hazel brown, which as a trait, guys just love em lol, x

    • they're light brown. and no need to be sorry.

      thanks for your answer :)

  • Do cry a lot, complain that nobody understands you, listen to Cure albums and cut yourself?

    If not, then I have no idea.

    • hmm... I NEVER EVER cry... in public at least. alone, last time was in 2010 I think. I do complain that know one understands though but I don't cut myself.

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    • They're probably annoyed because it's cliche, and it also isn't true.

      I find it hard to believe you were born complaining about being misunderstood, but it's certainly a funny thought.

    • ah, you know what I meant.

  • Wife me. Well get some tattoos, then wife me.


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