I need some style advice for a night out!

My friend's birthday is coming up and we are going out to this country style club. They play top 40 music with some country and they have bull riding. I am excited to go, but I have no idea what to wear.

I have some jeans, but I have no idea what else to wear. I need shoes I am going to be able to have on all night long, so no heels :S

My feet and heels just do not mix. I have a heck of a time finding shoes.

Also what kind of top? I am a bigger girl, and I have a huge butt and big boobs, I've got an hourglass/pear-shaped body.

I want something that looks nice but that won't look bad when I am sweating in it, because I will be dancing. Last time I went clubbing I was so sweaty, it was gross! :P

How should I do my hair? I am 22 years old, long hair (at my armpits).


I never go out so I am clueless as to what to wear. Keep in mind I will be riding the bull so I have to wear pants. I had a dress picked out, then I remembered there was the bull :P


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  • I feel like cowboy boots would be appropriate link

    or you could wear flats

    a sparkly top could be really cute with a belt to emphasize your waist link


    for makeup, you can never go wrong with a natural sun-kissed look


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