Men, do you like side bangs on girls?

Are side bangs hot, or not? If not, link to a hairstyle you like? :)


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  • i don't think they really care that much as long as it looks good. I have heard some guys say they don't like full bangs because they are horsey. but side bangs are more subtle, and they graze the face in a sexy way. mine don't stand out that much unless I wear my hair up, because then I leave them down. I had years ago but they were not done well so I grew them out, but now I got them again with a better hair dresser and I trimmed them slightly because they grow fast but I didn't f*** them up by doing so and I LOVE them! guys don't really notice the difference but it highlights your eyes and cheekbones and I have a long forehead so it draws the attention off of that. mine are the long thin ones though, they go from the edge of my nose to mid cheek at an angle, they aren't the thick kind that are swept across my forehead and end by the eyes. I love them! I think most people can wear them nicely


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  • I like bangin them from all different angles.


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