Which outfit is cuter for a Superbowl party?

My guy friends are huge Patriots fans and are throwing a Superbowl party on Sunday. I'm mostly going for the food and drinks and to hang out with all my girl friends who will also be there and aren't huge football fans.

But anyway, which outfit is cuter? The girls are going to be cooking and baking a lot during the game and serving our guy friends (kinda wanna make this their fantasy day) and I want to know what to wear.

PLEASE pick from the actual options and don't suggest inappropriate costumes or something. We're not going THAT far with it.

Plaid belted tunic and black leggings: link

Denim and floral dress and lace tights: link

Zipper jacket-style shirt and blue jeans: link

Blue tunic and fair isle leggings: link

Striped tunic and grey leggings: link
  • Plaid tunic and black leggings
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  • Denim and floral dress and lace tights
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  • Zipper jacket-style shirt and blue jeans
    Vote C
  • Blue tunic and fair isle leggings
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  • Striped tunic and grey leggings
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Most Helpful Guy

  • To be perfectly honest if you're a girl at a superbowl party, now more than ever you want them to be able to see you as being able to pass yourself off as "one of the guys." So "cute" outfits will only make you seem out of place. You'll see the other girls who are there are in team-related shirts/jerseys with jeans mainly. Your guys would be a lot happier to see you getting into the game than being bystanders.

    • This. I'd wear a cute team t shirt and jeans. You can get cute fitted team shirts from vs pink

    • The other girls and I plan to match, and none of us have or want to wear team shirts or jerseys. We already talked about it. And the point is to NOT be one of the guys. Guys don't like girls who act like guys.

    • Trust me when I say a superbowl party would be an exception to that rule. I say this as a guy.

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What Guys Said 4

  • Giants jersey and remind them of 2007. It'll be hilarious.

    • I don't do jerseys. Also, I don't want to get kicked out of the party.

    • Well they're no fun. I really would screw with them so much if they were that butthurt.

  • They are all nice but if I had to choose I would pick number one or A ^^

  • I like 1,4, and 5

  • Superbowl parties aren't about being cute. It's about the game. Go Giants!


What Girls Said 1

  • I wouldn't bother with the outfits.. No one would pay attention to them anyways.


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