Girls! How to wear heels/stilettos?

I have 2 feet of course and it isn't impossible for me to wear heels but it's hard for me to wear them comfortably and walk in them without wanting to take them off within a few minutes.

I would loveeee to wear some Louboutin heels for prom because I found some I think are absolutely gorgeous. On top of that, I also need a couple of Christian Louboutin heels for sorority recruitment & the sorority recruitment information sessions.

Advice & help por favor?



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  • Practice. The first time I wore a pair of 'proper' heels - I'm talking more than the 3 inches I used to think were heels - for a prolonged amount of time, my feet hurt like a bitch.

    It just takes some practice, you have to adjust the way you walk slightly, usually I walk with more of a bended knee in heels than I do when I'm not wearing them - especially when I have to walk somewhere fast.

    But wear a shoe in before you're going to wear it out - sit around in them in the house, do you chores in them. When I used to live at home I was forever confusing my dad walking around in 5/6 inch heels and joggers whilst making dinner of something. But you can't expect new shoes to be comfortable straight away.

    Heels of a certain height are more comfortable with a platform, it decreases the incredible awkward angle that the foot could be in, and also there's more of a 'shock absorbing' distance between your foot and the ground, so the balls of your feet should last longer before hurting.

    Some people wear those gel shoe inserts - I've never tried them myself - but a lot of people say they work - so it wouldn't hurt to try them out.

    But the best thing to do is just practice, practice, practice. You'll get there.

    P.S what I'd do to be able to afford Louboutins.


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  • Honey, what you need to do is wear your stilettos in the house over the course of time...get used to them to the point where you feel comfortable. Then you wear em like a pro...

  • Experience. Start with low heels (1-2 inches). Wear them around the house for a couple of days to get used to them. Then, switch to 3-inch heels. After a few days, you will feel more comfortable in them. Plus, there are many sites with great tips on how to walk, dance, go up and down stairs, and more in heels. Plus, plenty of YouTube videos on that too.


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  • Ok, I am 40 years old.. so if I can do it, you can do it! LOL. I'm a short girl, so I've learned that with most men I date I have to rock the heels, and I do love to rock them.

    I buy the Dr. Scholls inserts for hi heels, and they work pretty good. Watch out for the open toed ones, they seem to hurt the most. Practice walking in them, and know your limits... anything with a ramp I have to make sure to brace myself. You'll find that you will be forced to walk slower, and more gracefully. Don't do the little clump clump baby steps in heels.. it takes away the whole point of wearing them (understated sexy). Also, platforms are great because your foot is not in that horrible downward slope. So look for a pair that has a little bit of a platform to them.

    And above all.. always bring a spare. I always have either a backup of my "comfy heels" (yes there is such a thing I promise.. just a smaller heel, something simple and black) or I bring along a pair of those flats that roll up in the carrying case and you can put in your purse.

  • i heard louboutins hurt the most!

    but I think if you walk in them around the house or walk the dog and break them in they should be fine by the time prom comes

    also there's a trick I saw on YouTube where you put water in a ziplock bag and then put the bag inside each shoe and stick your shoes in the freezer (I know it sounds crazy) but it works, it stretches the shoe out because water expands when it freezes into a solid. lol


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