Ladies, what do you love to see a guy wear (and vice versa)? Why?

Like every girl, I like suits...and uniforms. I think they look professional and make the guy look focused on his career. Yeah yeah, it's cliche. xD

So what about you?

Also, just to add...guys, do you like seeing a woman in some kind of uniform (outside of the bedroom, to clarify)? xD


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  • I like some kinds of uniforms, but not really suits (unless they're ultra retro). Personally I like a punk kind of style. Sleeveless shirts, loosened ties, rolled up sleeves, black.

    But sleeveless shirts are the best invention.


    End of story.


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  • There's a joke that goes around that says "women like a man in uniform not for the uniform but because of what it represents, while a man likes a woman in uniform because of the uniform itself".

    Men are visual while women are more about the future, type stuff

    • Exactly! To me, it looks professional, like I said. I know suits are uncomfortable, though, so no guy just walks around in a suit. It's unfortunate. :( Thanks for the input!

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    • Ohmahgosh! The ladies will be all over you. lol That is awesome. D=

    • Luckily it's still winter time, otherwise it would be freaking hot. Kind of like how women complain when they're wearing short skirts/dresses when it's 32. Yeah, men do the same

What Girls Said 2

  • I loveee suits and uniforms. Working around military men has that benefit ;) lol. But I also like clean, and casual yet dressy looks (like button ups). A guy who you can tell takes care of himself is sexy.

  • Jeans, t-shirt, and a smile link


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