What is it actually like to be a ginger?

I know a lot of people don't like gingers and they get teased a lot as children and sometimes even into adulthood.

It is kind of a weird type of discrimination, to be honest. Pretty much all it comes down to is a couple of recessive genes that happen to be linked together typically. But it gets kind of extreme in some cases. Like I have heard that supposedly being a woman with red hair is an advantage in the dating world whereas being a man with red hair is a disadvantage? Do you actually feel this is true? I am unsure how to feel about it, since I guess it wouldn't affect me directly. Also, if this is true, why do you think that is? Why are more guys inclined to prefer gingers than girls?


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  • Lol I never got the ginger teasing either.

    My best friend would joke about ginger kids a lot - and I never understood why. She'd say something about freckles and red hair - even though she had freckles herself lol - and then talk about red heads and such.

    I would just look at her awkwardly because when she said " ginger " I thought of gingerbread cookies :P not ginger people lol

    So I related these " gingers " to cookies...which isn't a bad thing ha ha so I picture people with red hair having warm personalities and being sweet. Not the other bad things that somehow got related to them which I think was they're like mean or rude or some stupid preconceived sh*t.

    I think red hair is very pretty - and I've seen some pretty smexy red headed boys - so people can poke fun all they want - lol some of those people are delish. ( like ginger cookies XD)

    So yea - I don't get it. Honestly - I've heard some people say they have ginger hair - and their hair is clearly just brown lol so I don't know, I get a sense of people teasing, and people wanting to be red haired for the sake of the uniqueness.

    And if having clearly sienna brown hair is being a red head - then me having black hair makes me a purple head lol :P

    Seriously - this is red hair link

    This is not - link

    Lol so yea - I don't get that discrimination either. People always pick at any ol thing that makes us a tad different -_-

    • Some of those people probably had red hair when they were younger and then it turned brown as they got older and still has the undertones. That doesn't make them red-heads though.

      And yeah, I never understood making fun of gingers either. I have always loved gingers ever since the first time I saw one at school when I was a little girl. But then again I was always the child who liked anything that was unique.

    • Maybe their hair changed lol - some of the one's who've said it had a few red highlights - but that could be from dying not natural. But yea - I never saw the lure in making fun of their likeness - they're just people afterall. Oh wait - I'm not suppose to say that because it makes too much sense lol

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  • I'd like to know as well. On a related topic, I was out the other day and I saw an Arab Ginger. His life must really suck!

  • I am. Never had problem to get lots of girls. But I'd say I'm not the stereotype red hair guy either. I am very confident in myself and have an outgoing personality.

    Some things apply to me though. I have an unusual sensitive side for a guy (women are always surprised at how easily I can understand them) and fire in my belly (that got me into fights).

    I had some people commenting on my hair when I was a kid but had many more friends anyway. I also never had a problem standing for myself and getting respected.

    I think overall it makes me stand out and taught me from a young age that some people are rude and ignorant, and you have to fight for yourself when needed. It also taught me that people that never needed to fight for anything in their lives are usually very weak mentally.

  • People tease gingers because they are so different from everyone else. People tease anyone who doesn't fit in.


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  • awwww that's the dumbest discrimination ever! like ron in harry potter, he taught us its OK to be ginger! :)

  • That's one of the dumbest discriminations I've ever heard. I knew a "ginger" in elementary school and I played with him just like all the other kids that were nice to me.

  • You know, honestly, it f***ing sucks. I'm ginger, but I have more of a strawberry blond hair (meaning it's NOT red but it's more orange) and I don't have freckles, but it doesn't matter to other people. Some people joke when they are ginger, and I do it, but it does bug me. Think of someone somehow insulting you, and it feels the same way.. I'm not a sensitive person at all but constantly hearing people calling you out on being ginger really gets to you, and eventually starts to bring you down.

  • Kinda like having no soul..

    • I think the jokes are hilarious and appreciate it when gingers embrace it and can laugh about it. The jokes are just completely ridiculous.

  • im not a ginger, but I imagine it's like being anyone else.

    • I assume so, too but some gingers make such a big deal out of it and I don't understand why.

    • I think because the media kind of picks on them.

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